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Name: Nicole Plummer

Mobile: 07522508962

Email: socialpaws@aol.co.uk

Welcome to Social Paws

We all love our dogs very much and treat them like they are part of our family but sometimes it's hard to get the time to socialise them and give them the attention and exercise they need, especially if we work long hours. This is where I can help.

I'm a professional dog walker based in the west midlands, with an aim to provide a service to both you and your dog. As no dog is the same some love fast paced games of fetch, whereas others just like a gentle stroll and a sniff about, the walk is tailored to suit your dogs needs so you can have peace of mind and return home to a happy contented dog.

Please feel free to give me a call on: 07522508962

or send me an email via: socialpaws@aol.co.uk

Lots more videos like the one above can be found on my YouTube channel. Just click the icon below.

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